Remote Jobs/Intl. Real Estate/Shorter Zoom Calls

Issue #11

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Remote Job Boards
If you’re not running your own business, we mentioned in an earlier newsletter as a place to look for remote-only positions. If you’re not finding a good match yet there for your skill set, this article lists other places to find a remote job with an established company. 

A Lopsided Real Estate Market
The median price of existing homes in the USA and Canada keeps hitting new highs. At $416,000 in June (and US$566K in urban Canada), that level is far beyond the means of many. Internationally though it’s a different story. The European average is $218,000. Where I was in Bulgaria in June, you could buy a two-bedroom condo in a ski town or Plovdiv for under $60K or a house in the countryside for about the same. The median is under $100K in Mexico, Colombia, and Ecuador.

A Better Online Translator?
Mark F. and I have both gotten good results from for translation, especially Portuguese and Spanish respectively for where we’re living part of the time. While Google Translate is great for pointing at signs and menus to get a general idea, Deepl seems to provide translations that are closer to what you would get from a native speaker. The free version will do for most, but a paid subscription offers more languages and features.

Time for Shorter Video Calls?

Zoom video calls became so popular during the pandemic that the company quickly joined the list of brands like Kleenex, Jacuzzi, or Chapstick that are synonymous with the whole product category. The free tier limit for a call dropped to 40 minutes at the end of June though, so you’ll need to wrap up before then or find an alternative to continue the face-to-face without fees.


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