Dehydrated Food In Bulk


Affordable, freeze-dried goods

Backpackers, canoeists, campers and scouts have two basic ways to stock their food supply: classic prepackaged freeze-dried meals or building your own menu. Commercial freeze-dried camping food is expensive, limits menus choices and is hit or miss in the flavor department. Most of us have learned to shop carefully at the grocery store and put together a fairly lightweight, nutritious menu for weekend trips. But add a couple of people and extend the trip for two or three days and grocery store options get a bit heavy. Supplementing with bulk freeze dried or dehydrated food expands the choices and cuts down the packed weight while developing a tasty, nutritious menu without blowing the budget. If you are planning an extended trip, I highly recommend assembling your menu with these two suppliers in mind.

— Clarke Green

Honeyville Food Products


I’ve organized six days of food for 18 people in two crews for a canoe trip (18 meals, 324 servings), which would have been impossible — or just plain expensive — had I not ordered Honeyville’s goods. They offer a wide variety of vegetables, fruits and other foodstuffs in bulk (#10 tin cans, and cases even). While a single-serving package of freeze-dried strawberries (.06 oz.) from Mountain House is $3.00 ($50.00 an ounce!), Honeyville’s #10 can of freeze-dried strawberries (6 oz.) costs just $17.00 ($2.83 an ounce). They will ship an order of any size anywhere in the continental U.S. for under five dollars — just a little more than a gallon of gas!

Available from Honeyville Food Products

Harmony House Foods


Soups, vegetables, fruits and textured vegetable protein (i.e. soy-based meat substitute) in large AND smaller quantities so you customize freeze-dried meals for long, big, short and small trips. They also offer a Backpacking Kit, a pre-selected assortment of dried foods that will make a variety of dishes. Don’t miss these two very helpful PDF files: Using Dehydrated Products and a Serving Size Chart.

Available from Harmony House Foods Inc.

Deluxe sampler
Available from Harmony House Foods, Inc.