Single-wheel footwear

Whippersnappers have been skating around on these single-wheeled skate shoes since the early 00’s. Seeing them coast through mini-malls, supermarkets and movie theaters, I started to get jealous/curious. Turns out we don’t have to let kids have all the fun! They come in adult sizes, too. I had to special order mine and they didn’t arrive for a few months, but it was worth the wait. Gliding across the pavement is every bit as glorious as it appears. Kids make it look deceptively simple. I’ve really had to work to balance (Ironically, I’ve tended to stumble more while simply walking in them — and yes, these things are potentially dangerous, so be wary). My friends think I’m crazy, but there’s certainly something to be said for not letting yourself feel too old to try new things.

-- Steven Leckart 09/18/08

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