Dremel Versa Tip Precision Butane Soldering Torch

Portable soldering iron/heat gun/hot cutter/wood burning tool, that runs on butane

This is the Dremel Versa Tip butane soldering torch. It’s sells for around $35 on Amazon Prime. And by using the Amazon link in the description to buy one, you help to support my videos and to the Cool Tools blog.

This is a portable soldering iron/heat gun/hot cutter/wood burning tool, that runs on butane. You click here to light it, use this to lock the flame on, and then you adjust it here for the temperature you need.

The whole thing comes as a kit in a nice box with foam cut outs to keep everything tidy. In the box, you get a soldering tip, a cutting knife good for nylon rope, a shaping knife meant for plastics, a hot air tip good for heat shrink, and two adapters for the air tip — one that fans the air flat and wide, meant for paint removal; and one that’s meant to help wrap air around a cable you’re trying to heat shrink so you can kinda get around the whole thing in one shot.

You also get some basic solder, a sponge, some wrenches for changing the tips, and a protective cap. The cap is made in such a way that you can put it one even when the tip is still a little hot, without melting the cap.

Three great things about this torch:
1. The shape and weight feels just like a corded soldering iron, but you can use it anywhere.
2. So long as you have butane refills nearby, you have almost zero downtime. It fills back up in seconds and runs for about an hour depending on how hot you’re burning.
3. You get variable heat control. At full blast, some people use these for jewelry work. Set low, it’s fine for basic electronics.

-- Donal Bell 11/28/17

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