Trioral Oral Rehydration Salts


Good for dehydration cramps

The World Health Organization (WHO) has a recommended recipe for oral rehydration salts. This concoction has saved many millions from dying of cholera – you dissolve a particular mix of salts and sugar in water, and it keeps you from dehydrating to death long enough for your immune system to kick the bacteria. I use the salts for less dramatic issues – I often get dehydration cramps in the wee hours after extended travel, while hiking in the Florida Summer sun – those sorts of things. This fixes me right up. I’ve used these for years. I could DIY the recipe, but I just buy handy packets and have them pretty much everywhere at hand (glove box, medkits, shoulder bag, office desk). One packet to a liter of water. No dyes or flavorings, it tastes like tears (that’s WHO’s description, not mine). I understand it’s the dope for hangovers.

-- Randy Fischer 11/28/17