Dry Shampoo


Removes excess oiliness and other impurities from hair with rice starch

With the combination of a much longer hairstyle and the California drought, I now dread washing my hair. I discovered dry shampoo before I had surgery a couple of years ago. I was anxious about what would happen if I couldn’t wash my oily hair for a week, so I was motivated to try something new. To my delight, it worked really well. Dry shampoo is a spray-on starch that binds to the oil at your hair roots. You brush your hair, leaving it grease-free and smelling nice. It takes about two minutes and saves at least one shampooing a week. I’m now a responsible water-conserving citizen with fluffy hair!

This particular one really has no scent after the initial volatiles evaporate.

-- Veda A Cook 10/5/21

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