Garden Rake Back Scratcher


Not a joke - it works

In my best Crocodile Dundee accent, I looked at the recent Recomendo bamboo back scratchers and said, “Mate, that’s not a back scratcher, THIS is a back scratcher!”

I have gone thru countless little bamboo numbers breaking them as I get that really good scratch going. Their tiny little hands just didn’t get enough of my back letting the itch get away to another part of my back.

Then my wife got me this rake back scratcher as a joke. But no joke – it is hands-down best at its job. It reaches everywhere I need it to, it covers a huge swath of my back, has a sturdy, industrial-strength handle, and simply is the COOL TOOL to take care of an itchy back.

A little more expensive than the tiny bamboo versions but ahhh so worth it when it conquers that evil itch.

-- Lee Ellman 10/4/21

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