MSR XGK Multi-Fuel Stove


Rugged multi-fuel stove

I’ve been using my XGK stove for over 22 years and it’s battered and sorry-looking but still performs wonderfully.

What really sold me on it was that I had a career and life-change about 5 years ago and put all my camping stuff in storage. Last summer I retrieved and unpacked it all for a trip to Nova Scotia and New Brunswick. The stove fired up first time and performed flawlessly. It still sounds like a jet engine and boils water in a very short time. A triumph of simple, solid engineering.

It enables me to cook food and make warm drinks in order to stay alive in challenging locations. I can source multiple kinds of fuel without having to be overly reliant on one type of fuel or (even worse) proprietary canisters. The rocket -ship sound makes me happy and reminds me of all the times when that noise signaled I would soon be fed and warm. Throw the stove in a backpack, duffel, truck bed, helicopter, and not worry about damaging it. Even it gets damaged or clogged (on Russian diesel, for instance), you can strip it down with a leatherman and MSR provide all the spares you need with the stove.

It’s better than the rest because:
It uses all kinds of fuel
It’s simple and tough
It’s lasted for 20+ years and I’m sure it will last much longer
It’s saved my life on numerous occasions

I also give credit to excellent boy scout training in terms of packing and cleaning equipment after use. I put away all my stuff expecting to use it within weeks; it turned out to be over 5 years in boxes in a friend’s hayloft; 100 deg plus in summer, down to -20 in winter. And yet because I’d been taught to put things away properly, everything was just fine and ready to use the day I retrieved it. So perhaps Boy Scout training should be a cool tool too.

-- Raoul Miller 07/15/10