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Discounted e-books

If you’re an ebook junkie like me, you know that the cost of them is normally way, way, WAY too high. I’m not sure where I first found these guys, but they send out an email every weekday with a handful of interesting ebooks, covering many genres, for not a lot of money. Usually 1.99 if you buy that day only. They aren’t current best sellers, but they’re not total junk either. I’ve been subscribing for a couple of months, and I’ve managed to score a couple deals in that time. Each email also includes one free ebook, always public domain, usually more than 120 years old, but still. And the links to buy the books are non-denominational — they offer each one from multiple vendors (Amazon, Apple, B&N, etc.). It’s a great way to build up your e-library.

-- Dave Faris 07/29/16