Envision drying mat


Dishrack drip catcher

I’ve used (and hated) dish racks for years: they are ugly and take up valuable counter space, they get disgustingly unsanitary and caked with minerals, requiring frequent disinfecting and cleaning. Sometimes I would have to augment with a dishtowel, but they get soaked and the glasses etc wouldn’t dry. When I discovered drying mats on a cooking site, I gave this one a try. What a delight! The dishes dry faster, and because the mat breathes, even the inside of glasses dry! It has a loop so that when I put away the dishes and silverware, I can hang it up on the pantry doorknob to finish drying (it doesn’t even drip!) so it takes up zero counter space. Once a week I throw it in the washing machine.

-- Claire Piper 03/31/16

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