iFrogz Boost Near Field Audio Speaker


No wires or pairing

This speaker has made a big difference in the way I use my iPhone 5. I have three (got them at closeout price), and as I move from room to room, I pick up the iPhone from one speaker and set it down on top of one of the others. Unlike bluetooth units (which I own several), there’s no need to re-pair with the “new” one. When not in use, the Boost speakers go into a standby power mode.

The Boost speaker has some quirks. It can lose the audio signal (requires careful placement on top), and the sound quality is not perfect, but it is fine with streaming newscasts and podcasts for things like the BBC World Service. And music can be adequate. And when you connect directly to the mini-stereo input, the quality is quite good.

-- Alan Kobayashi 03/30/16