Ethan Stone, Business Lawyer

Show and Tell #383: Ethan Stone

Ethan Stone has been a business lawyer for over twenty-five years, practicing in large and small firms and in-house. He has been a solo practitioner since 2011. He has represented clients in raising angel and venture capital, selling and acquiring businesses, technology licensing, executive hirings and departures and a wide variety of strategic partnerships, joint ventures, revenue sharing, service outsourcing and technology development agreements. He and his four parrots live in Berkeley, California.

0:00 – Intro
1:02 – Voter registration(and other information) cards
4:11 – Reusable can tops
7:54 – Stainless steel cocktail shaker (aka Farraday cage)
12:59 – The compare feature in Microsoft Word
27:51 – Swing Left East Bay

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