FIFO Condiment Squeeze Bottle


Better than your average reusable condiment bottle

I’ve been using a FIFO (first in, first out, for the non-IT types in the crowd) style squeeze bottle for the past 3-4 years. I found I was going through a lot of mustard and wanted to buy it in bulk, but didn’t want to refill the usual condiment bottles with it.

Enter the FIFO bottle. You may have seen one at restaurants or food trucks before. I found one at a local restaurant supply store/bulk grocery store, where I could also buy mustard by the gallon jug. I’ve not looked back since. The basics of usage are as follows: unscrew the top cap, pour in your condiment, cap it again, then use the bottle in the same vertical orientation as you store it – pick up the bottle, squeeze it, and the condiment squirts out the bottom of the bottle (opposite end from where you filled it). Replace in the cupboard or refrigerator with the nozzle pointing down, with no worries of leakage.

The FIFO bottle is better than your average reusable condiment bottle or even better than the disposable mustard/ketchup bottle you might buy:

  • Mustard or ketchup usually settles in the bottle with water rising to the top, so that if you don’t shake it up before use, you end up squirting condiment water onto your food. Not an issue with the FIFO bottle, since your condiment exits the bottle from the opposite end as water settles up to.
  • Easy to clean: Since both ends come off, easy to dismantle the bottle and soak all the parts in the sink.
  • Wide mouth makes the bottle easy to fill.
  • Better control: The nozzle on the bottom puts out a more constant stream than your average condiment bottle. You also don’t have to do the move where you shake what’s left in the bottle down to the nozzle and risk making a mess. The condiment is already at the nozzle waiting to be used.
  • Well-sealed nozzle doesn’t leak or dry out.
  • Environmentally conscious, since we’re all getting more into refillable containers.
  • Financially sensible, since condiments are usually much less expensive when you buy in bulk. Try one, you will be pleasantly surprised!
-- Loren Lasecki 07/3/19

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