Fiskars Rotary Cutter

Better than razor blades

Rotary cutters aren’t new tools. It’s just taken me awhile to appreciate how great they are. The Fiskars Rotary Cutter ($10) replaces X-Actos for most heavy-duty cutting jobs in our household. It’s faster, surer, easier and therefore safer to use than razor blades. It will slice through paper, vinyl, cardboard, fabric, and foam board with ease and accuracy. I can only manage perfectly straight long cuts with a rotary cutter and straight edge. Cutting curves is buttery. Seamstresses can add pinking blades. The replaceable blade retracts when not in use; it can be side-switched for left-handers. When I think “cut” I reach for this tool.

-- KK 09/20/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2003 — editors)

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