Fiskars X7 14″ Hatchet


For chopping kindling and small- to medium-sized logs

During the winter months we use a wood burning stove for most of our heat. Propane is very expensive for home heating so it’s worth the hassle of using our stove. After many years I have streamlined my methods for fire starting and the process was improved significantly when I picked up Fiskars baby axe, their 14″ hatchet. My old camp axe had gotten a wobbly head and no matter how much I tried I couldn’t get that great of an edge on it. I picked up the smallest Fiskars at my local hardware shop. I use this small axe to chop kindling down into batons for easy lighting. I also use it to create wood shavings for starting my fires. I try to avoid using paper as much as possible, preferring to break wood down so it lights quickly with just a match or two. The Fiskars 14″ hatchet has a great angle for splitting small wood pieces, and is super sharp for making kindling of any size. It holds its edge very well and sharpens right up with a few angled strokes of a file or stone. These hatches come with a lifetime warranty and it’s clear they are made to last. I have the larger splitting maul they make and they are both quality products.

-- Seth Wilson 11/12/21

(This is a Cool Tools favorite from 2018 — editors)

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