Flat Measuring Tape

Fastcap Flatback Tape Measure

Tools (Recommended):
FASTCAP PS-FLAT16 ProCarpenter Flatback Tape Measure ($9)

Guest: Palo Coleman

“Today, I brought another measuring device. This one has my initials written on it. This one is by Fastcap. They actually called it the Old Standby Flatback. Most measuring tapes in the old days were flat, either fiberglass or cloth embedded with metal. They don’t have the bend that you get in construction. Rulers are measuring tapes and they also don’t have the loose end point whenever you’re using measuring tape. You know, there’s about an eighth of an inch pull. When you get down to catch, if you’re pushing up with a tape measure, you need to add this.”

“This one is solid. So where the tape comes down to, let’s say two inches is exactly two inches and there’s no change. And because it doesn’t have the curve, it leaves perfectly flat on the board that you’re marking. That makes it that much accurate. Because if you’re using measuring tape, you notice it bows up on the side. It has to do with its flex and how it can hold together. But that makes it very inaccurate when you’re reaching over and trying to market, because that bow gives you kind of an optical illusion, whereas this works much more like a ruler. It’s exactly where it needs to be.”

“I would never use this in construction because it’s not as fast. I can’t just rip a line and go on to the next. And I don’t need the accuracy for framing, whereas when I’m doing cabinetry work. One sixty fourth is a huge problem if that keeps adding up over my measurements, and then my box is [crooked]. It really just depends on the work you’re doing.”

-- Palo Coleman 02/10/20