Guillotine Bagel Cutter


Safely slices bagels

Although I am not generally a fan of Unitaskers, we have now had this bagel cutter for over a year, and we use it every day. As a family that enjoys lots of bagels, and having younger children (who don’t yet have great knife skills) this product is perfect for one job — to safely split bagels cleanly and perfectly in half.

Placing this item next to the toaster means it is always on hand to do its job. It is foolproof, cutting the bagel whilst not producing any crumbs. Furthermore, the blade is enclosed at all times which is a great safety feature. There is also no real need to wash the product as the blade cuts so cleanly.

It is simple for younger children to use, and provides them with a sense of autonomy when preparing their breakfast. The Bagel Biter is usually used by food outlets, so is robust and easy to clean, although that does make it something of a luxury tool. There seem to be many different brands on Amazon, but the one we have is labelled “Bagel Biter”

-- Adrian Beaumont 02/11/20

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