Florian Ratchet-Cut Pruning Tools


Mechanically advantaged pruners

My wife and I have used Florian tools for 12-to-15 years including their hand pruners, brush loppers and pole-pruner. What makes Florian tools so excellent is the ratcheting mechanism. It lets you bite down with the jaws, then as you release the handle (or rope, in case of the pole-pruner) the jaws stay set. The ratchet then moves up a notch for a better mechanical advantage on the next stroke. Very powerful and very fast. And you don’t wear yourself out cutting super-size stuff.

Here’s what my wife has to say: “I can cut fat stuff that I can’t cut with any other loppers, and I don’t get tired doing it.” That’s it in a nutshell.

We first found them in a booth at the North Carolina State Fair, and now stop by every year to see if they have anything new.

-- Chuk Gleason 11/2/12


Florian Ratchet Cut Pruners