Instant cash register

This tiny credit card reader plugs into a smartphone or iPad turning your device into a point-of-sale cash register. It allows you as an individual to collect funds via a credit card. Setting up an account is pretty painless. The software will send the buyer a receipt, and keep track of your sales. It can track cash, too. This minimal arrangement is perfect for the solo and small business person selling at crafts at a fair, or swag at a concert, or antiques at a garage sale, or food from a truck.

We used Square to sell our comic book at a comic convention and it worked like a charm (you’ll need either wifi or cell connection). As usual with credit card transactions, you will be deducted a 2.75% fee. Square will send you a free plastic reader when you sign up.  (Paypal has their own version of a reader, a blue triangle called Here, and they charge only 2.70%, but I have not tried it.) Overall, this is a well-designed small business tool.

-- KK 11/1/12


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