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Notable creators select best tools

We asked 150 remarkable creators to rave about four of their favorite tools. Their fabulous picks range from small phone apps to industrial-scale machines. It’s the usual diversity of Cool Tools in book form made by the Cool Tools team. We originally asked the guests to share these tools on our weekly podcast show which has been running for 5 years. We started with the best 150 shows so far, and then we compressed their recommendations into a 300-page book. Each spread of the book contains a short bio, four (sometimes five) tool reviews, illustrated, and information on where to get each tool.

Regular readers will notice that all the material in the book has appeared here on these pages. What the book provides, that this website does not, is an easy way to serve all the personal reviews at once. The guests include makers and creators like Adam Savage, Tim Ferriss, Kari Byron, Jimmy DiResta, Simone Giertz, Grant Thompson, April Wilkerson, and Bob Clagett. It’s handy, fun to read, very up-to-date, and useful.

Four Favorite Tools comes in two editions: a full color edition and a less expensive B&W version. Either would make a really great holiday gift.

-- KK 11/25/19


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