Leifheit Comfortline Garlic Slicer


Makes uniform slices of garlic, parmesan, chocolate, and spices

Garlic crushers are fine, but sometimes you want very thin slices that practically melt when cooked, a la the prison scene from Goodfellas (using a razor blade). I saw this tool being used by a pizza maker on TV, bought one, and use it all the time for adding freshly sliced garlic onto pizza dough, pasta sauces, garlic bread…

You peel the garlic cloves, drop in as many as you may need that day, and hand crank super thin slices as needed right onto the dough or into the pot/pan…freshly cut thin slices on demand, maximizing flavor.

At the end of the day, it all comes apart in seconds for easy clean-up.

Can be used for hard cheeses, chocolate etc, but I have used it only for garlic myself.

-- John Moore 12/9/15