Cool-Touch 8-Cup Cordless Electric Kettle


40-ounce electric kettle with concealed heating element

With all the furor over health effects from BPA and other plasticizers, I try to avoid plastic coming into contact with my food and water, especially hot food and hot water.

A few years back I searched high and low for electric kettles without plastic in the boiling chamber. I looked at plenty of high end stainless kettles, some more than twice the price, but always found some little bit of plastic inside (the water level window on many models), or some other major flaw in the design.

As far as I can tell this is the only basic electric kettle on the market that doesn’t boil plastic with your water. As it turns out, it’s was the same model my parents had purchased a year prior and they were very happy with it. We ended up buying two.

We use it daily to boil water for washing dishes and for making tea. We took the lid off for ease of use. It boils water faster than our gas stove, and works great.

-- Reanna Alder 12/10/15

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