Gator Machete Junior


Multi-purpose machete

This Gerber machete ($27) has a normal 16″ blade on one side and a serrated saw on the other side. I go gold prospecting in very overgrown and brushy areas, so the hollow ground machete blade will take care of the smaller stuff and the saw is right there for the occasional limb or larger brush.

This eliminates carrying a saw with me when I already have a lot of other equipment to carry. I had never seen a machete with a saw on the back, and when I noticed it in the catalog I knew I had to have one.

-- Glenn Kangiser 03/26/19

(Note: A commenter pointed out that Gerber recalled an older version of this machete. This model has an improved handle and many other reviews noted an improvement in quality post-recall.--OH

This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2010 — editors)

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