HandStands Sticky Pad


Grippy in the car and around the house

Several years ago, I bought one of these for its ostensible purpose: keeping my items from sliding around in my car. While it does that well, I’ve since found these stickypads to be incredibly useful for a number of household jobs.

Unlike some no-slip pads, these are extremely thin, allowing them to be unobtrusively placed under any object you don’t want sliding around. My keyboard no longer slides around my desk, my speakers are now much more securely perched atop their speaker stands, and various items on shelves are much less likely to be dislodged by clumsy humans or cats.

The pads are easily trimmed and are very sticky, so a single pad is enough for quite a few jobs. If a pad accumulates dust or dirt, it can be instantly restored to “full stickiness” with a squirt of window cleaner and a quick wipe.

A strength and weakness of these pads is that they don’t permanently attach to objects, like rubber “bumpons.” Unlike bumpons, these pads are re-usable and won’t leave a sticky residue, but they don’t semi-permanently attach to an object either.

-- John Booty 05/4/12