Convert lace-ups to slip-ons

Slip-on shoes are incredibly convenient, but of course, they don’t always provide much support or padding. These sets of individual elastic bands convert standard lace-ups to slip-ons. Each band has triangular-shaped anchors to keep them from slipping out of the eyelets. The bands can be tricky to squeeze through, but once they’re in, they stay put in my experience. They’re available in three sizes (small – large, depending on the desired fit) and a variety of colors, including fun neons (!) but also white and black if your step doesn’t need the added flash. It’s really a wonder no one thought to invent these sooner. After a friend gave me a set, I salvaged a pair of running shoes from the back of my closet. Call me lazy, but because I can easily kick ‘em off and slip ‘em on, they’re the only shoes I wear on the weekend.

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Nike Free

Shoe Goo

-- Steven Leckart 11/5/07

(Since we posted this item, Golaces was acquired and, unfortunately, no longer seem to be available. — editors)