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Quick-tie shoelaces

It was while training for a triathlon that I first heard about quick-tie shoelaces. When transitioning from biking to running you want to get your Nikes on fast. So I went to the running store and bought a pair of elastic laces with a spring-loaded plastic thingy like you find on a cinch sack. It worked well enough for my first race. But then a funny thing happened. I kept using the shoes for my regular runs and found I lost nothing in support and gained a few welcome moments each time I put on, or took off, my shoes. Why would I ever want to go back to regular laces?

Later I googled and found Speed Laces. They’ve taken the idea up a notch with low-friction eyelets you can screw into your shoe’s eyelets, plus neater cinch mechanisms. I bought half a dozen and began retrofitting my family’s running shoes.

“I don’t want those things on my shoes!” said my wife. But she relented once I promised to put her old laces back if she wasn’t won over. Now, she admits I was right. (I was careful to match the color of Speed Laces to her shoes.)

The company makes claims for better comfort and support, which may be true, but I find the time savings alone worth it. Plus I’m wearing running shoes more often around the house because they are nearly as easy to slip on as loafers.

-- Steve Leveen 12/15/05

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