GoPets Nail Clippers


Easy pet nail trimming

We have three cats and two of them allow me to clip their nails (the other one will bite and scratch if I try). I’ve been using GoPets Nail Clippers since 2015 and they do a great job of making clean cuts. The handles are easy to hold in one hand and are coated with non-slip material. They’re long enough to provide plenty of leverage and are spring loaded so I can hold my cat’s paw in my other hand without letting go. The clippers lock shut with a slider switch, leaving no sharp edges exposed so that I don’t cut myself when I pull them out of the drawer. It has a safety guard that prevents me from cutting off too much of the nail (and cutting into the quick of the nail, which will cause bleeding). They come in large and small sizes. I use the small ones on my cats.

-- Mark Frauenfelder 05/3/17

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