GorillaLine Retractable Clothesline


Heavy duty clothes drying laundry line

For the past few years, I have been utilizing these clotheslines which, while not technically a “tool,” have proven to be quite practical when I need them and out of the way when I don’t. I initially installed one in my shower to dry my bathing suits after a swim. Later, I added another one in my laundry room to hang any items that require air-drying. Lastly, I placed one in my garage to dry brushes, rollers, and other such items after washing them. I even use it occasionally to dry parts that I paint. These clotheslines see regular use and so far, none of them have broken. It’s one of those things that may not seem necessary, but once you get accustomed to having them, it’s hard to imagine going without them.

-- Cameron Cole 02/24/23

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