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Recomendo - issue #346

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Fantastic fake toys

Creep Mart is one of my new favorite Instagram accounts. The feed consists of AI-generated images of imaginary monster toys, complete with retro boxes. I think some of these would make excellent real toys, like the Scary Patch Machine or the Spooky Slime. — MF

Legacy rechargeable batteries

I have some legacy devices (like hefty flashlights) that use the old large D and C size batteries. I am done buying batteries. But I wondered if I could get one last round in rechargeable big batteries? Yes, indeed! They make rechargeable Ds and Cs! But you’ll also need a versatile charger. While I was at it, I also upgraded my Maglite flashlights to 10 times brighter LED bulbs. Brilliant! — KK

Powerful answer engine

As an alternative to Google I’ve been asking all my questions, because it provides more than just a list of results. It searches a wide range of sources, including academic papers, and writes up a quick summary with cited sources I can click on for further research. It also guesses my follow-up questions. It feels more like a conversation than just search results. — CD

Cheap landline

If you have high-speed internet service and want a cheap landline, try Voiply. We’re paying $9 a month for service. They’ll send you an adapter in the mail. It connects to your cable modem’s ethernet port. You connect your phone line to the adapter. It required no other setup or configuration. — MF

Free movies and audio books

OpenCulture is a clearing house directory for thousands of free movies to watch, thousands of free audio books, free ebooks, free textbooks, free online courses, and all media free and open. — KK

Digital book of mindful recommendations

Reco•mind•o: Mindful Recomendos for Life and Work is now available as a downloadable PDF with clickable links for $2.99. It is a collection of my personal tips distilled from more than 300 issues of Recomendo. It has less product recommendations and more invisible tools to improve the inner and outer aspects of life. The full-color paperback is still available on Amazon. — CD

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