GustBuster Umbrella

Unflippable umbrella

The GustBuster is a cool-looking, lightning resistant umbrella with a patented system of vents that is, the manufacturer claims, “wind tunnel certified to 55+ mph.” The other night it started blowing up a storm — winds to 20 miles per hour. Just for giggles I tried turning the GustBuster sideways and it just would not pick up any air — it really does work amazingly well. The holes in the inner surface seem to neutralize all of the typical suction.

The version I decided on for my all-weather walking is labeled a “golf umbrella” and is big enough for a small wedding reception. (I exaggerate but 62 inches is certainly big enough for me and the dog.) The price is right, $40 — a bargain for a good umbrella. If you’re concerned about weight (this super-sized version weighs close to two pounds) there are smaller, lighter versions. On their website they say the GustBuster is very popular with professional golfers — seemingly, a good indication of long-term quality and performance. Also comes with a limited lifetime warranty. I’m impressed — very cool tool.

GustBuster Golf, 62 inches ($37+)

GustBuster Metro, 43 inches, foldable ($35+)

-- Chuck Green 07/5/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2006 — editors)

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