Haflinger AT Slipper


Long lasting slippers that break in quickly

I have owned these slippers for over a year. They are amazing. I have owned multiple $20 slippers and they last about a year. I can already tell that these will last at least 5 years or more. They are very comfortable and warm without being too hot to wear in the spring and summer. They “break in” very quickly and fit like a glove after a few weeks of wearing. Quality and comfort puts all other slippers I have worn to shame. Best $60 I have ever spent! Amazon description says women, but they are unisex.

UPDATE: Mike wrote, “Actually, the sole on the slipper failed after about 6 months of daily wearing.  They were so good that I would buy another pair, if the price had not gone from $55 when I ordered on Amazon to $87 today. “

-- Michael Gatuga 10/14/15

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