Ikea Produkt Milk Frother


A faster way to aerate wine

We have tried a number of methods to aerate wine over the years. Some are elegant (crystal decanter) but a bit much, others are kind of clumsy spout or balloon contraptions that fit on the bottle.

Nathan Myrvolhd, (author of Modernist Cuisine), recommends putting the wine in a blender for a few seconds which works wonders but, you have to use a big kitchen appliance for the job.

Enter the IKEA milk frother, designed to create foam for latte’s and such with cold skim milk. (Can’t report on it’s efficacy here, never tried it for that purpose.)

What it does do is aerate single glasses of wine in seconds. The spinning coil (powered by 2 AAA cells) froths a full glass of wine in seconds. When the bubbles disappear, you’re good to go. If I have most anyone taste two glasses of the same wine, one aerated, the other not they choose the aerated one 80-90% of the time.

These devices must be especially popular since they are available only at IKEA or by folks reselling them for a profit on eBay. They are about $2 or $3 at IKEA and eBay resellers want $3+ shipping for them. Since some of the top of the bottle wine aerators are $50 the little frother is a great deal.

-- Peter Valleau 10/15/15