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Happy Baby Food Grinder

Baby food on demand

The one baby gift that every parent needs: The Happy Baby Food Grinder. This mill lets you make your own baby food –basically, you pitch a few table scraps into the tube and hand crank it, while pushing the plunger. Baby food is magically extruded. Easy to tote, clean and it lasts many lifetimes. Our kids were eating stuffed cabbage before they had teeth. You can usually find this grinder at health food stores. The only downside to this perfect baby shower gift: It’s cheap, around $14.

-- Josh Quittner 10/16/03

(As a reader pointed out, the design of this tool has changed to include a plastic blade. According to a number of users, the product no longer performs as well. -- SL Here's a similar baby food mill by OXO. — editors)

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