Tracking the sales of items on Amazon

Sales Ranking of my book New Rules for the New Economy

Authors and journalists take note. Here is a way to track the Amazon sales ranking of a book or product over time. One can follow the ranking of your own novel, or CD, or you can collectively track the rise and fall of an idea, or group of items. I still haven’t figured out why Amazon itself does not offer this service since they could do it so much better (all that data, and world-class skill in interface design), but in the alternative this cool free website does a good job. Junglescan does not track all possible items, only the ones they are asked to. If someone else has already signed up your item, you can simply extract the chart. If your item is new to the site, you can add it and start tracking. I picked up this tip from the fabulous book Amazon Hacks, which I feel any serious user of Amazon should read.

-- KK 10/16/03

(This site is now defunct. In its stead I am now using Rankforest -- KK — editors)

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