Harbor Freight packing tape holder and cutter


Faster box taping

Harbor Freight gets lots of grief, much of it is unwarranted. I often get an HB tool to see if I will use the tool at all, and if I do, what is important to me. If I can benefit from another brand with a better fit and finish (because that’s really all that HB skimps on), then I know what to look for

Now I have found a Harbor Freight tool that is the BEST tape-roll holder with a cutter for their three-pack of packing tape. I don’t use tape guns because they require lots of elbow room and perfectly flat surfaces.

Easy to find in factories, I suppose, but not when packing one’s house to move (many boxes, so many boxes).

This tool holds the tape roll and allows it to spin easily, then presents the cutting edge and holds the short bit of tape for the next pull. This makes taping boxes much faster and less frustrating. One can use it in tight corners and at its angles. It’s compact, highly visible, easy to manipulate, and I will give these as gifts to friends when they announce plans to relocate.

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-- Richard Haven 09/29/21

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