General Purpose Tools

Klein Tools 5-in-1 Multi-Bit Power Driver


3 screwdriver functions and 2 nut drivers in one adapter

I encounter different fasteners all the time and don’t like having to carry around a box of bits. They aren’t portable enough to keep on me at all times. That’s why this multi-bit driver is my favorite tool. It acts as a nut driver and a multi-bit driver. I have an older version of this tool that had a flat head and Phillips on the 5/16 end. You can still get that bit in a stubby multi-bit screwdriver and swap out the square end. The 1/4 inch driver takes any standard driver bit so it’s easy to swap out in case you need something different. I usually keep a Torx bit in that slot.

-- Emmett O'Brian 09/30/21

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