Heavy Leather Leash


High-strength, long-lasting dog leash

Heavy duty leather leashes ($20) seem to be getting harder to find at pet stores. That’s a shame, as I’ve used them with my dogs for years, and find them better than the alternatives for a number of reasons:

  • They don’t get frayed and full of hair like nylon ones
  • They have a little bit of stretch, unlike chain and heavy nylon leashes. This becomes very important when your dog decides it wants to go chasing a squirrel while you have it on leash.
  • They can get wet without any damage
  • You won’t get a rope burn from the leash passing through your hands quickly, as may happen in the squirrel scenario mentioned above
  • They last a very long time.

I have two of the leashes in the Amazon link, and the collar clip has held up well, as has the wrist loop. For $20, they are a bargain.

-- Clark Case 10/3/18

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