Hose Shut-Off


Easily control water flow

This tool was recommended to me by a neighbor last summer who is Type 1 Diabetic and has mobility issues. This is a simple in-line shutoff valve ($6) that I have found very useful for both gardening and watering, as well as other situations where you need to remotely shut off the water rather than running back and forth to the tap. I have a large yard, but between flower beds and grass areas, a sprinkler system is not practical. I have only one outside tap, so by running a Y ($3) I can run hose in two directions. With the couplers you don’t have to drag hose all over the yard. By coupling with short 6′ hose lengths, I can water and move the hose without doing a lot of running. There are various other similar shutoff valves made of brass, so that is also worth looking at. Just a simple and cheap labor saving device, but at my age, everything helps.

-- Stephen Young 07/19/18