Waterfall Soap Saver

Keep soap clean and dry

This is the most satisfactory soap dish I’ve ever tried ($5). If positioned away from the corner of the basin, all of the soap residue drains into the sink basin – not onto the sides of the sink. Some residue does accumulate on the Soap Saver itself, so every month or so it has to be rinsed and wiped clean, but that’s the lesser of two evils. Overall, it reduces the amount of cleanup effort by 2/3 or more.

It’s superior to the spike-holder type of dish, which is hard to clean, sometimes sticking to the soap, and tends to skitter across the sink top when knocked. In contrast, this plastic soap dish stays put because it’s relatively heavy and because its descending downspout rests against the basin’s edge. (This stability is a plus the vendor oddly fails to tout.) To make sure the soap itself doesn’t slide around within the dish, I position one of its corners pointing down between the posts (not level, as shown in the vendor’s photo). This also improves drainage a bit.

I’d previously used liquid soap until someone gave me twenty bars of handmade hemp-oil soap. When I’ve washed my way through that, I think I’ll go back to liquid soap; but if you have a preference for solid soap (or if you too get such a gift), this Soap Saver is really handy.

-- Roger Knights 07/19/18

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