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iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit

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I’ve had the iFixit Essential Electronics Toolkit for around a year now, and it’s especially great for opening up and repairing or hacking my kid’s toys, or any electronics with small screws. When a toy breaks, especially an RC car, this is my one-stop triage kit.

It comes in a hard plastic shell with magnetic corners, and the lid is designed with this raised grid inside that works for grouping together screws and washers as you go — which just that right there shows you the kind of attention that went onto this kit.

Inside you’ll find a great set of tools for separating the layers of delicate electronics like smartphones or tablets. If you’re lucky, you’ll never have to use it for that, but I’ve done an iPod Touch screen repair with these same tools.

You also get a pair of precision tweezers and a metal jimmy tool that’s good for gently prying things apart without cutting yourself.

Mostly though, I keep coming back to this kit for the screwdriver. This is like the Maserati of precision screwdrivers. It’s a magnetized metal handle that comes with 16 bits that run from Philips and flat, to exotic pentalobes and security bits.

It’s a great price for what it is and you’ll feel like a pro every time you use it. If you’ve suffered through using these cheap jewelers screwdrivers that chew up your fingers, then you’ve earned this upgrade.

-- Donald Bell 10/28/17

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