Ikea Clothes Hangers


Smooth, sturdy hangers

I am a guy, and I much prefer hanging ALL of my tops (t-shirts, sweatshirts, button-ups…) in the closet. I have the space, and it keeps them both crease- and wrinkle-free. But I needed the right kind of hanger to do this. So many hangers have very sharp curves at the end which leave bumps in the shoulders. Others have notches, hooks or anti-slip materials making it difficult to get clothes on and off the hanger. The Ikea Bagis has none of these problems. It has a very gentle curve at each end to prevent bumps. The hangers are smooth plastic, and there are no hooks or notches on the top of the hanger that can catch. (Yes, there are notches in the bottom crossbar, but these are not a hindrance.) They are also sturdy, although they are on the thicker side (~1.5cm). And some people online have complained about them not fitting well on rods with low clearance.

They are also amazingly inexpensive: $0.39 for a pack of 4, or less than 10¢ each. However Ikea doesn’t list them on their website anymore (they did as of Aug 29 according to You can still get them off of Amazon and eBay via third-party sellers, but you will pay an arbitrage markup.

-- Dave Cortright 11/23/17