iMicro USB Headset


Cheap headset to improve Skype call quality

I have interviewed hundreds of people for hundreds of podcast episodes over the years. I conduct the podcasts using Skype audio. I’m always relieved when a guest has a nice microphone and headphone or earbuds, because the sound quality is usually great. If they have a USB headset, that’s OK, too. But if they tell me that they plan to use their computer’s built-in microphone, which produces an unpleasant, tinny sound, I ask for their address and send them a iMicro IM320 USB Headset. It costs about $10 on Amazon and sounds a million times better than a computer’s built-in microphone. I also tell the guests to keep it, since it is a moral crime to ask someone to box something up and take it to the post office.

-- Mark Frauenfelder 12/17/15