Indonesia Not for Lovers, Top Flight Searches, Schengen Changes

Nomadico issue #31

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Take That Last Trip to Indonesia Now…
Bali was already getting bad press this year for pollution and traffic issues but the Indonesian legislature is determined to turn the clock back a century and make the nation even less desirable. They’re banning sex outside of marriage, outlawing criticism of government leaders, and more. You’ve got three years before the prosecutions start.

Top Flight Searches for 2022
Google Flights released its top 10 searches for 2022 from the USA, following years of closed borders, and there were a few surprises. London and Paris were predictable in the top 3, but #2 was Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The two largest Indian cities made the list, as did nomad hotspot Lisbon. Apparently Americans were ready to dust off their passport: NYC was the only domestic destination (at #10), while Toronto and Vancouver both beat it out.

Schengen Zone Changes
The score was 2-1. No, not Croatia over Brazil in the World Cup, but rather two countries being denied entry into the Schengen Zone and Croatia getting the yes vote. This is a relative win for nomads and remote workers from outside the EU, like a sigh of relief. It leaves Bulgaria and Romania open as countries to travel to that won’t count toward your three-month limit in Europe before you have to leave for at least 90 days.

A Very Special Gift for Travelers
If you’re looking for something truly memorable to give your favorite international traveler this year, check out Vanishing Asia, the lush photo book set from Nomadico co-founder Kevin Kelly, with the best shots from his days of backpacking through Asia in the 1970s. Make sure your recipient has a home base though: this 3-volume coffee table book box weighs in at 30 pounds!


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