Induction Hot Plate


Fast and efficient electric cooking

Induction does for cooktops what microwaves do for ovens, but with the added safety that low frequency inductions fields won’t heat human tissue.

Induction heating works by inducing eddy currents into conductive heating containers, usually iron or stainless steel. Titanium works great too. Copper and aluminum pans do not work because they are TOO conductive. In effect they short circuit the stove’s power coils.

Induction cooktops are very efficient because the heating energy is directed directly to the heating container and none to the surrounding environment. They are also much safer in that, other than the container, no high temperatures are generated, and in particular, no combustion temperatures are generated, eliminating the risk of a fire.

I’ve own this cooktop for about a year. I bought this single cooktop to evaluate the technology prior to purchasing a full size kitchen cooktop. I could not be happier with it and my wife loves it because it boils water as fast or faster than the microwave.

The picture above is a titanium camping pot with boiling water in it, with post-it notes and my hand on the stove. (It’s a good that I wasn’t wearing a metal ring on my finger in the picture, although I probably would have noticed it pretty quickly.)

-- Bruce Bowen 06/17/14

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