Free online storefront

The easiest way to add a shopping cart, or e-commerce, to your website is with Tictail. You can set up a digital store in only 30 seconds for free. Tictail gives you a way to present a storefront, track sales of your items, interface with social media, collect money, manage customers, and organize an online catalog. A number of alternatives such as Shopify and Magento offer easy e-commerce storefronts as well, but their cheapest plans require a $15-$30 monthly fee. That recurring payment may be okay if you already own a physical store, or are operating a large website, but if you are a small-timer and just want to try out a small store online, free Tictail is perfect.

It is not a marketplace like Esty; you’ll have to attract your own audience. But, unlike the “craft” constraints of an Esty store, you can sell whatever you want. Tictail makes their money selling freemium functions and add on services on top of the free base service — growing as your store and needs grow. (I set up a storefront for Cool Tools in less than a minute; as soon as we have more things to sell, we’ll make it public.)

-- KK 06/18/14