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Nomadico issue #33

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Inexpensive Flight Destinations

Travel search company Kayak released its “Travel Trends for 2023” report a couple of weeks back, based on its own data. One category was the destinations outside of North America that had the lowest round-trip flight prices from North America. The 10th cheapest destination airport was Krakow, Poland. #1 was my cheapest international flight of 2022: Bogota, Colombia. Medellin was #2, Warsaw made two for Poland, Ecuador’s two largest cities made the list, and so did Lima and Lisbon. Your travel budget might not do so well after landing in two of the cities though: Copenhagen and Reykjavik.

Biggest Currency Declines of the Year

I thought I’d save some time and ask the Open AI chatbot which currencies declined the most against the U.S. dollar this year and it spat out all kinds of incorrect figures and calculations no matter what prompts I put in. Don’t use this for your homework kids! Many currencies have rallied at the end of the year, but declines of 10% or more are still on the books for Argentina (70%+), Egypt (56%), Turkey (39%), Colombia (17%), Japan (14%), and India (11%). The best tool for getting (correct) historic exchange data that I have found is

50 Books to Consider From 2022

Lots of publications have put out lists of the best novels published in 2022, but I like this 50 Best Books one from the BBC because it’s not afraid to look to outside reviewers and quote them. This solid list has plenty of big names, but also some newcomers who made a splash. You’re likely to find at least a few to put on your reading list.

(Sort of) Free Walking Tours

You can get a “free” walking tour in most European and many American tourist cities by checking out the listings on Free Tours by Foot. These are more accurately described as “pay what you wish” tours, but most guides are knowledgeable and passionate about their city and will show you around the cooler spots personally for a reasonable tip. – via Kevin Kelly

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