David Brin, Astrophysicist

Show and Tell #347: David Brin

David Brin is an astrophysicist whose international best-selling novels include The Postman, Earth, Existence and Hugo Award winners Startide Rising and The Uplift War. He consults for NASA, companies, agencies and nonprofits about the onrushing future. Brin’s first nonfiction book, The Transparent Society, won the Freedom of Speech Award. His new one is Vivid Tomorrows: Science Fiction and Hollywood. His website is davidbrin.com. You can find him on Twitter and LinkedIn @davidbrin, and on Facebook @thedavidbrin. 

0:00 – Intro
1:20 – ThinOptics Keychain Case and Readers Rectangular Reading Glasses
6:00 – LED flashlight gloves
8:59 – Elikliv LCD digital microscope
12:20 – Craft cutting tool
14:40 – David Brin’s recent books


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