Invisible Glove


Rub-on hand protection

Latex gloves and the better purple nitrile gloves can be irritating to the skin, reduce the ability to feel what you’re doing and are easy to drag, pinch, and tear when working on mechanical things. If you’ve ever tried to wind a wing nut or fiddle with a fastener with those thin, sticky gloves you know what I mean. With Invisible Glove, I can work with my hands directly on the job in front of me.

A tube of Invisible Glove for less than ten bucks will last months. You put it on once and work all day — just one more application after you wash your hands to have a meal. With latex gloves, you’re going to go through several pairs in a day and end up spending more money.

I do a lot of different things, some of them greasy and grimy like working on an old engine or painting and yard work, and others like client meetings and dinners out where nasty hands with grease under the nails just don’t fly.

Invisible Glove is a simple, cheap solution. It goes on like a hand lotion — just a bit greasier. It only makes your hands slippery if you put too much on. It works exactly like it says, though. Oil, grease, dirt, paint, solvents, and pretty much anything else just washes right off when you’re done. No more greasy black fingernails and paint-stained hands.

-- Andrew Pollack 11/21/18

(This is a Cool Tools Favorite from 2009 — editors)