Jimmy DiResta, Designer

Cool Tools Show 35: Jimmy DiResta

Jimmy DiResta is a maker, toy designer, and TV show host. He’s been the host of a number of DIY shows including Dirty Money, Trash to Cash, Against the Grain, and Hammered with John and Jimmy DiResta. He co-hosts the Making It Podcast, and has a fantastic YouTube channel called DiResta with videos on his latest builds and handy tool tips.

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Show Notes:

Revolver from SOG $70

“It’s basically one shank of steel. Half of it is buried in the handle, and there’s a pivot point at the front forward part of the handle. Then you push a trigger and it unlocks. You rotate the blade 180 degrees. One half is a Bowie knife and the other half is a really sharp lifetime guarantee saw. It’s perfect for a camping trip.”


Light-up Baseball Cap $17

“It’s one of those inventions that when it comes out, everyone’s like why didn’t we think of that. Everybody knocks it off. Power Cap is the one that I happen to see most often. The best quality ones have been available from Cabelas.”


Ice pick $6

“…if you carry one for a couple days in your shop, you’re going to begin to realize how often you’ll reach for it. That’s what I tell everybody. Just carry one, and you’ll begin to realize how often you need it and, to keep it sexy and smooth, I put a thin little handle on it.”

Tactical Pen $20

“If you walk out of the house and you have a pencil or a Bic pen, in 10 minutes you’ve given it to somebody, or you lost it, or you don’t care. But if you carry around a tactical pen, it just becomes like a semiprecious item that you’re going to constantly remember, oh, I lent that person my pen. Give it back to me when you’re done. That’s really the main reason I like it. Because it looks good with my gear, and it’s not something I would leave behind.”


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