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Home fit-kit ensures correct size

Every women’s magazine in the world will tell you that you are probably wearing the wrong bra size. Of course, actually going to get fitted is awkward and inconvenient, and your results depend on the skill of the person fitting you. To deal with this problem, Jockey has released a new line of bras with an at-home fit kit. For $20, they mail you a special tape measure and a set of plastic cups in a cute bra washing bag. You get $20 off your first bra as well.

The band sizes are standard; their numbered cups, 1-10, seem to go from about an A cup to an F cup. They do combine smaller band sizes with larger cups, which is very helpful for those of us with small rib cages. They currently only come in black, white, and beige. The bras themselves are comfortable; they have good straps and molded foam cups that help keep everything in place. I’ve worn mine for four months and with daily use they still look good. (Bras’ lifetime varies, but with good care — i.e., hand wash, drip dry hung by bottom, not straps — my bras usually last 12-18 months. Eventually, the elastic wears out, or the underwire escapes. The jockey bras are not showing any signs of stretching yet.)

Most importantly, they have replaced the traditional thin metal underwire with a larger, plastic piece with a broad tip. No more ninja assassin underwire escaping your bra and poking you in the side! That alone is worth the price of admission.

The bras themselves are $60 each, which makes them about mid-range in price: more expensive than a bra from Walmart, less than a specialty bra. Jockey’s marketing for the line is a little overenthusiastic, but the product is solid. I highly recommend them for anyone who is a tough fit or hates traditional underwires.

-- Sylvia Richardson 12/4/13

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